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September 22, 2015

Victim of Domestic Servitude wins first caste discrimination claim

In a judgement handed down on the 17th September the Employment Tribunal upheld the claims of a domestic worker who had been kept in domestic servitude and conditions ‘in clear violation of her dignity’ for over 4 years.

The domestic worker was represented by the Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit. You can read more about the case and find the judgement on the ATLEU website

Alarmingly ATLEU has reported that the Legal Aid Agency refused to fund their representation of this claimant for 17 months. It was apparently suggested that her case was not of “sufficient importance or seriousness” and that it was “only a claim for money” so the Claimant could represent herself. This would have necessitated the worker cross examining the employers who had kept her in domestic servitude for years. ATLEU have explained that it was only with relentless legal representation that funding was eventually secured.