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February 21, 2023

Report launch: The National Referral Mechanism: Near Breaking Point


Today, ahead of the Human Trafficking Foundation‘s forum, held at Linklaters, Kalayaan has published our report: ‘The National Referral Mechanism: Near Breaking Point‘.

Link to our report is here.

This report is a rapid response to the pressing need to review the numbers of, and available resources to, designated First Responder Organisations in the UK.

It has long been acknowledged that the numbers of survivors being identified are the tip of the iceberg, with the actual number of people exploited in the UK amounting to 10 times more.

There has been a lack of action on the part of the UK Government to acknowledge the pressing need for an increase in the numbers of First Responder Organisations, together with the requisite resources.

This cannot continue. The result is that survivors, if and when they are identified, cannot access the one system used in the UK – the NRM – to be identified, safeguarded and offered support. This situation has been deteriorating for a number of years but it now reaches breaking point. This means survivors are at real risk of experiencing further harm and abuse, including treatment that amounts to slavery. 

Kalayaan will be presenting our report at the Human Trafficking Foundation’s forum on 22 February 2023 and have been asked to lead the conversation on the issue of capacity of First Responder Organisations.

This follows the Urgent Public Announcement Kalayaan made on 30 January 2023 in which we highlighted and flagged our concerns and the real life implications it will  have on survivors. 

We look forward to the conversations at the forum today and hope the Home Office shall be listening.

At time of this report’s publication, and 2.5 weeks after first raising the alarm of the NRM nearing breaking point, Kalayaan has yet to meet with any representatives from the Home Office.

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