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Kalayaan relies on volunteers to assist us in various areas of our daily operations. We are regularly looking for volunteer office administrators, interpreters, and English teachers/classroom assistants. We particularly welcome applications from those who speak languages. Our main language requirements are: Hindi, Tagalog, Indonesian, Arabic, Malayalam, Kannada, Konkini, Singhalese, Tamil and Bengali.

If you are interested in volunteering with Kalayaan or have any questions about opportunities available, please e-mail us at or call 0207 243 2942 to speak with a member of staff.


Kalayaan is not currently recruiting.



Office administrator/ casework assistant

Posted 29 August 2014 – rolling applications until vacancy is filled

We are looking for one or two volunteers to provide us with administrative support on Thursdays and Fridays.

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Comments on Volunteering

Katrin Nordmann volunteered at Kalayaan for three months. She left in January 2009. Here she writes about her experience of volunteering at Kalayaan:

Asked what it is like to volunteer at Kalayaan immediately there is one word coming up in my mind: “supersupergut!!!!”

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As well as providing advice and support to Migrant Domestic Workers, Kalayaan campaigns for greater rights and protections for this particularly vulnerable group of workers.

In partnership with other organisations, we undertake research and policy to further highlight the plight of domestic workers and to ensure these issues are well publicised in the media. Since April 2012, the UK Government abolished the Overseas Domestic Worker Visa which means that Migrant Domestic Workers coming to the UK after this date are are now ‘tied’ to their employers and would be in breach of immigration law if they did so.

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Contact your MP

Kalayaan believes that we need more MPs to become aware of the issues facing Migrant Domestic Workers in order to highlight these to the Government. We believe that working with MPs in power will enable us to build a stronger voice and have the Government take more notice of our campaign and policy work and hopefully this will in turn lead to greater rights and protections for Migrant Domestic Workers.

We would encourage you to contact your local MP and raise these issues with them. To find your local MP, please click here:

Please click here to see a template letter which you can use to write to your MP

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Recruit Ethically

Kalayaan encourages and welcomes job vacancies to be placed with us on our notice board which is regularly viewed by Migrant Domestic Workers searching for employment. All new adverts are placed on our board every Monday.

Kalayaan has a strict equal opportunities policy. We work with migrant domestic workers from all over the world who are already in the UK and we do NOT accept any specification of nationality, religion, or race. The only exception to this might be language needs or specific cooking requirements.

Many of the Migrant Domestic Workers who come to Kalayaan have escaped a prolonged period of abusive and exploitative employment. Many of these workers will therefore not have any references. Kalayaan asks employers to bear this vulnerability in mind when they interview workers.

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