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Get Involved

Kalayaan relies on volunteers to assist us in various areas of our daily operations. We are regularly looking for volunteer interpreters. We particularly welcome applications from those who speak Hindi, Tagalog, Indonesian, Arabic, Malayalam, Kannada, Konkini, Singhalese, Tamil and Bengali.


Kalayaan is not currently recruiting.



Kalayaan is currently recruiting for a Volunteer English Class Teacher and Teaching Assistants to support the volunteer-led English classes we run for our clients on Sundays.

Volunteer English Teacher
Role Description

Volunteer Teaching Assistant
Role Description

To apply for either role, please send your CV and Covering Letter (maximum length 1 side of A4) to

Please call 0207 243 2942 for further details.

Comments on Volunteering

Nick Queffurus volunteered at Kalayaan in 2017:

“Volunteering at Kalayaan gave me a unique opportunity to work at the intersection of human rights, workers’ rights and immigration law and see how some workers are exploited by unscrupulous employers and their vulnerable position exacerbated by immigration policies.  I really enjoyed my time at Kalayaan and working alongside the dedicated team there. The practical hands on experience has been very useful in my future plans working in other public interest law positions.”

Our 2018 volunteer Miela Lilles had this to say:

“As an outreach volunteer, I get to learn about the domestic worker community in a very interesting way. What I enjoy the most about the role is working alongside the Kalayaan team. Their hard work, dedication and commitment to their clients has inspired me to learn more about advocating for human rights and justice for domestic workers.”


Support Us

Help support our campaign to ensure victims of modern slavery can live Free for Good 

Once a victim of modern slavery is formally recognised by the authorities, there is no automatic entitlement in England and Wales to ongoing assistance or practical support. Victims who have been receiving support whilst waiting for a final determination on their trafficking claims, often for months and sometimes years, currently have only 45 days to exit support services and find alternative accommodation and means to survive. The lack of a guaranteed pathway to further support coupled with only 45 days for a recognised survivor to access mainstream services leaves them at real risk of homelessness, destitution and re-trafficking.



Contact your MP

The Free for Good campaign backs legislation that enshrines victim support into law and has been set up to mobilise support for the Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill which would guarantee all recognised victims to be given leave to remain and specialist support tailored to individual need for 12 months.

Please visit the Free for Good website to learn more about the campaign and to ask your MP to pledge their support and back the bill as it proceeds through parliament.

You can use the #Freeforgood hashtag to help promote the campaign on your social media channels.

Read more about why we support the campaign here.

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Recruit Ethically

Kalayaan works with migrant domestic workers from all over the world.

Many of the workers who come to Kalayaan have escaped a prolonged period of abusive and exploitative employment. Many of these workers will therefore not have any references. Kalayaan asks employers to bear this vulnerability in mind when they interview workers.

If you are looking to hire a domestic worker who does not have possession of their passport, please contact us to discuss how we might be able to assist in retrieving their documents.